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Jaap says:

Anouk is a really wonderful and loving coach. I love to have her coaching me and my project. And truthfully, not just my project, but my path and growth as a soul on this earth. I felt her supporting me and my mission, every step of the way, and still!

She helped me to find a method to my madness, helped me see through my stories,
to circumvent self-sabotage, and to draw from my own strength and light.

Anouk is a clear, bright mirror, and she helped me to see that, as an artist, the only person I truly have to answer to is myself. She really helped me by bearing witness to that process, helping me to hold myself accountable, through which I learned that the most important person to be able to trust; is yourself.”


“Anouk is a no-bullshit, to the point coach with a perceptive eye for the patterns going on below the surface. She has a plethora of tools for organization and will hold you accountable for completing the goals that you have set for yourself.

She is loving and kind while also being unafraid to let you know whatever patterns she sees you playing out and to help you find a way to snap out of it with measurable steps.”

Fabienne says:


“In my trajectory with Anouk I was put straight into a place where I had to face my patterns and actively work with new methods and tools to change these in concrete and clear ways, step by step. I was given tasks and actions to do that I would normally never do myself, I learned new skills in planning.

Working with my values turned out to be more difficult than I thought but did remind me every time what I was doing it for. I was confronted with my self-sabotaging, my perfectionism and how that held me back from actually reaching my desired goals.
I now have greater insight into when my patterns show up and how to navigate them.


What most benefits me though is the focus on the successes I achieve daily.
By focusing on what works and also clearly seeing what doesn't and leaning to see that as a growth opportunity instead of a failure is I feel the most important base.

I love Anouk as a coach. She is fierce in what she does, is not afraid to say the hard stuff yet is very understanding. She has space and empathy for emotions and knows how to give space to that while using it as fuel for the session/trajectory.


She has a lot of joy, heart and passion for what she does!! ”

Liza says:


Marin says:


Anouk is very powerful and steady, loving and realistic. She is brutally honest and does not hold back on guiding you through your egomind to come out the other end empowered and clear headed. Thank you so much dear Anouk. You've changed my life and handed me what I needed with so much love and care. If you are ready to look your ego in the eye and set aside your fears, Anouk will guide you through the process of stepping in you power and never looking back. Your mind will be blown and you will create magick from it.”



Aranka says:

“Anouk's presence is holding space for a process that is clarifying, loving and supportive. In my work with her, she helped me solve some issues in minutes that I was struggling with for months. I wish I had asked her earlier for her bright and opening support, that would have saved me so much time.Thanks Anouk, for your lighting clarity.”


Eva says:

“Anouk makes structure sexy. I would highly recommend working with her. She is very thorough, clear, fast, experienced, professional and full of fun.


I've had only four sessions and my whole way of business changed fully. It gave me clarity, overview and trust in future. It gave me much more relaxation and trust, which adds massively to the quality of my life.


And she is supercool and fun to be around.

Really, this is your woman.”


Ori says:

“Working with Anouk has been a major upgrade for me and my business. Besides her being a radiant ball of energy, passion & excitement - she is practical, direct, sharp and deadly efficient. Now add to that a pretty wide toolbox she uses with precision- and you got yourself a very capable consultant, the ultimate team mate, and a serious upgrade for your project.”

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