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Do you want to know what holds you and your business back? I have an uncanny ability to put a spotlight on your pitfalls, to get to the root of the problem, and bring genuine pleasure to the process.


Personal coaching trajectory

My coaching trajectories consist of 7 meetings, where we work on attitude as well as the implementation of practical tools. Both these aspects are indispensable to create a meaningful change.

Let's say you want to plant a beautiful garden. If you have the packet of seeds representing your biggest dreams gather dust in the corner of a stuffy closet they will never bloom.
Without the right attitude you'll never reach your goals.
If however you irrigate and fertilize the soil, but have no seeds to plant.. Nothing will ever grow.
(Actually, plenty of things might grow, but we are aiming to plant the flowers of your dreams)

You have a great attitude, but need the right tools.


∞ 7 weekly sessions

∞ Implementation of practical tools

∞ Significant shift in attitude

∞ Releasing limiting beliefs

∞ Confrontational, honest, challenging, invigorating and inspiring coaching

∞ Serious Empowerment

Please, feel free to reach out to me.
Let's have a chat and see if we get excited by the idea of working together.
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