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Enabling you and your partner to empower, heal and upgrade your relationship, especially in challenging periods.
A couple: two people who are committed to creating a long lasting and successful connection with each other.

couples coaching


Couples coaching Trajectory

In this trajectory we will create clarity about what exactly is troubling the relationship and teach you and your partner how to navigate and solve these issues.

Your communication will receive a significant upgrade that will enable you to create clarity about what each of you desire and how to apply that practically in day-to-day life.

In support and addition you will receive and start implementing an array of practical tools.


∞ A personal intake for both members of the couple

∞ ±8 sessions (attended by both members of the couple)

∞ A significant upgrade in communication within the relationship

∞ Implementation of practical tools

∞ Clarity about expectations, desires, and feasibility of the relationship

∞ Learning how to handle challenges differently

∞ Serious Empowerment

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