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About me

My mission in life is to create sparks wherever I go, mirroring compassionately yet uncompromisingly.

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“I have a lifelong affinity with effective efficiency.
I am a certified coach
and choose projects that make my heart sing.”

“I love Logistics.
I am transcendentally realistic, and nothing slips past my attention.” 

“I am extremely
fond of laughter,
down to earth
and deeply comfortable with devotion/spirit.” 

Now at this point it seems I am supposed to write some kind of generic story about who I am, where I come from and how I came to be here..

But to be completely honest with you: I find it extremely unsatisfying to attempt to capture my self in those limiting terms.


Instead I will tell you this: Please contact me, let's have a chat, a tea,
a walk, a call, and see if we'd like to learn from each other, work together, create some thing beautiful for the world.

Get in touch
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